Dear Customers,

We were informed by many clients that the following company commits infringements by using JRONE item numbers and promoting and selling the products via mail, catalog, website, package etc.

Company Name: Diesel Turbo Systems

Website: dtsproduct.com


By collecting evidence and verifying in every possible way, JRONE has confirmed that this company takes advantage of JRONE brand popularity in the turbocharger market and then plagiarizes JRONE product code, which leads to great confusion and trouble for our loayl customers. It is well known that all JRONE products meet the German TUV TS16949 standard and they are manufactured by using an automatic assembly line and OE processing equipment. However, the products this company sells have nothing to do with JRONE and there is great quality gap between original JRONE products and theirs.

For such counterfeits and infringments, our legal team will crack down harshly and take necessary judicial steps in the relevant  Law Department so as to protect its name, products, and customers.

At the same time, JRONE will upgrade the packaging of our products and also add an anti-counterfeiting label, so it will be easier for our customers to recognize and purchase genuine Jrone product.

In order to protect our customers’ rights and interests, JRONE suggests that you can buy genuine JRONE products from either JRONE company directly or from our authorized distributors. If you find any other counterfeits of JRONE, please contact our sales or your local distributor. A special reward will be given to you by JRONE.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


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