Continental Supplies World's First Turbocharger with Aluminum Turbine Housing in Cars


Smaller cubic capacity and lower fuel consumption while offering the same, if not better, performance – that is the recipe for success when it comes to downsizing. A modern turbocharged system is necessary to achieve this. The global development trend toward turbocharging for gasoline engines is in full swing. International automotive supplier Continental is supporting this trend and setting milestones with its pioneering and innovative turbocharger technology.

The first Continental turbocharger went into series production in a highly efficient, multi-award-winning 1.0l engine in 2011. The company is now adding another chapter to this success story with a technological world premiere: Continental's powertrain developers have launched series production of the first car turbocharger with an aluminum turbine housing. Integration of the unit – for example - in the three-cylinder gasoline engine for the MINI Hatch has been ongoing since spring 2014.


By www.continental-tires.com

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