Jrone’s Global Partner Summit 2019

From September 20 to 21st, 2019, the Global Partner Summit with the theme “Growing Together for Next 5 Years” was held by JRONE, a brand under Easyland Group, in Wuxi, China. The summit gathered guests from more than thirty countries, covering 5 continents, to go hand in hand to strengthen the quality collaborations and the Internet-based business ecosystem that aims for reciprocity, synchronization and sustainability.

Chances and Challenges

Firstly, Quan Liu, Chairman and CEO of Easyland Group, shared his insights into opportunities and challenges faced by major turbocharger markets across the world.

For the past few years, as the continuous updating of automotive technologies and the more stringent regulations to address carbon dioxide emissions, the market has witnessed increasing vehicles with turbochargers. To 2025, vehicles with turbocharged internal combustion engines are estimated to increase by 24 million, while hybrid vehicles will increase by 30 million, among which 76% will be with the turbocharger system. Specifically, electric turbochargers will be utilized on the 48v MHEV and FCV. However, automotive parts aftermarket is now undergoing dramatic change, given such factors as the constant debut of new players and the trend of turning to digitalization and E-commerce, which contribute to intensified competition in the market.

Finally, Liu analyzed status quo of major competitors, Jrone’s strategies for next five years, and the critical success factors for meeting challenges together with the partners.

Retrospect and Prospect

As the top brand in turbocharger aftermarket, Jrone has the quality products whose secrets that all desire to explore. In the morning of September 20, led by Jrone’s Sales Director, James, the partners had a tour in Jrone’s facility, which is awarded as the national green & intelligent plant. Key spots include: IT Data Center, R & D Center, Validation Center, Quality Control Center, Production and Assembly Lines, and Intelligent Logistics Center. The state-of-the-art equipment and digitalized management won unanimous acclaims from the visitors.

In the conference, Sales Director Coco displayed to all edges and highlights of Jrone, its comprehensive solutions to customers, its global business guidelines in 2020, and ultimately, Jrone’s vision as an accountable enterprise: to cultivate an Internet-based business ecosystem that aims for reciprocity, synchronization and sustainability.

Sharing and Win-Win Cooperation

In the conference, Jrone recognized and awarded four partners for excellent collaboration in 2019. Two partners shared with all their growth to gain the most share in their respective markets. Their stories have inspired many to lead the turbocharger market in their own countries.

Tony, Sales Director from Jrone, hosted a workshop session where all those present were divided into three groups to have in-depth discussions on topics from markets, technologies and products to solutions and services to end customers.

Undoubtedly, with the success of this summit, Jrone has taken a big step towards its vision to realize the Internet-based business ecosystem that aims for reciprocity, synchronization and sustainability, while all the partners are fully prepared to grow together for the next five years.

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