Four main causes of turbine failure

1. Oil contamination

It is a fact that most failures of turbines are caused by problems that are outside the turbocharger. If the turbocharger is damaged, then, before setting another, the most important is to find the reason why this happened. To find the possible cause of turbine failure, use this manual.

Oil contamination with fine particles.

Small particles in the oil, even if they are not visually visible, cause polishing of the bearing / shaft surfaces and the rounding of their outer sharp edges. Often, the bearing on the compressor side can be worn on the cone by the outer diameter.

Pollution by coarse particles.

The large particles present in the oil can cause serious damage and deep scoring, as shown in the photograph. As a rule, the inner surface of the bearing is damaged to a lesser extent, as well as the shaft and the central bearing housing, made of more durable materials. The small shaft output shown in the photo was made by large contaminants in the oil.

Chemical contamination of oil.

Causes severe bearing / shaft wear and overheating. Visually the signs are very similar to the lack of lubrication. The most common reason is dilution of engine oil with fuel, which reduces the lubricating properties of the oil.

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